Illumination Lane Wetlands View

Wetlands View
View of pond and wetlands from back yard; the most distant view is about 5,000 feet.

The back yard of this home is very private with a view across the pond and wetlands.  Nature plants have matured since this picture was taken.

Bald Eagle
Bald eagles are frequently spotted within Legacy of Leesburg. This one is pictured on the common ground behind the neighbor property

Bald eagles are frequently spotted in Legacy of Leesburg.  This one alighted on the berm behind our Illumination Lane neighbor, seen from our own back yard.

More common, however, are the sand hill cranes; a pair nests on the edge of the pond each year.  We were fortunate to see a pair of whooping cranes visiting our pond one year.

Wood Storks
One year a group of wood storks visited our pond.

One year of group of wood storks visited the pond; this picture is just a small group.  The picture was taken from our back yard.

Alligators have been frequent residents of the pond.  Some years we have also seen otters.